NaProTechnology FertilityCare is an exciting new development which has the potential to transform current practice in family planning and Gynaecologic health care for women. NaProTechnology is an alternative to IVF for couples with infertility.

The concept is simple...Women learn how to track the various phases of the fertility cycle with the help of a specially trained teacher practitioner.  As a result we come to recognise if the  fertility cycle is functioning normally or not. This information can be used for highly effective family planning and fertility treatment in harmony with the woman's cycle.

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Couples that use this system come to understand their procreative potential and if abnormalities are detected, referral for appropriate medical investigations can be recommended to restore a normal appearance to the FertilityCare chart. This can be very useful information for those at increased risk of infertility or miscarriage, which now affects one couple out of every six.                              

Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTechnology) is a new reproductive science that has evolved as a result of FertilityCare techniques.  If you would like to learn more, simply call or e mail one of the listed FertilityCare Centres to arrange an introductory session. This teaches you about normal cyclical fertility and how to begin tracking the biological markers of fertility.  This knowledge empowers you as a single woman or married couple to understand and manage your fertility in a way appropriate to your present needs.

FertilityCare is a Gynaecologic Health maintenance programme tailored to the individual’s personal situation. It is a minimally invasive medical system consistent with Catholic Medical ethics. Every woman or couple can use this approach to understand their fertility potential and improve gynaecologic health.


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